Bright Done Right

August 7, 2012 |

As the sun gets brighter, so does fashion – bright colors are in!  We are seeing them on the runways, in stores and in magazines; now we are seeing them on Tucson’s streets. The black, white and muted clothing colors on the vintage murals of Downtown’s Broadway Boulevard are a thing of the past.

Akiko Senda, owner of Tres Boutique, the latest addition to the 4th Avenue vibrant fashion scene at 210 N. 4th Ave., agrees: “When we first opened our shop in 2011 we focused our color palette on neutrals: black, beige, taupe… but this season it’s all about bold and bright hues. Color is definitely the way to spruce up any wardrobe from bright accessories to head-to-toe color blocking.”

Bright colors are not for the faint of heart and the possibilities are endless. If you are daring enough to rock the latest trend, here are a few tips for how to do it in style:

• Examine the color wheel. Each half is a family of either warm tones (red, yellow, orange and pink) or cool tones (blue, teal and green).  Jeans and tops now come in every possible color. Have fun by mixing and matching any color in the same family for an effortless look.

• For a much bolder look, pair the color you’d like to use with its perfect opposite on the color wheel. Yellow and purple or teal and brick red and violà…bright done right!

• A monochromatic look in a combination of different shades of the same color usually goes well together. Pair a summery light colored dress with its most intense shade for shoes and your look will go a long way.

• For a more conventional or office appropriate look, spice those “same old” neutrals with a bright colored bag or multicolored shoes to make a statement. And don’t forget about jewelry and even nail polish, they are the perfect complement to your bold wardrobe.


Yekatherina Bruner is a local fashion stylist and founder of Tucson Fashion Group. Visit her website at

Credits: Photos by Liora K. Photography. Styled by Yekatherina Bruner. Hair and makeup by Danielle Gary and Starla Cocio. Models: Jessaca Marie Haag, Christin Gilmer, Emily Glynn, Sarah Ward, Cory M. Kuehn