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May 8, 2014 |
Participants paint "Red Wine" at a recent Brush & Bottle class. photo: Jade Nunes

Participants paint “Red Wine” at a recent Brush & Bottle class.
photo: Jade Nunes

Staring at a blank canvas can be intimidating to the inexperienced artist. Heck, it can be intimidating to a seasoned artist too. But with the help of instructors and assistants at Brush and Bottle, and maybe even a little liquid encouragement from a favorite wine, beautiful artwork can be achieved by anyone.

“I think that it’s not as scary that it seems. After the first ten minutes, after they’ve had some wine, they realize that, ‘Hey, I can do this’,” said owner and native Tucsonan Olivia Ramirez. “I’ve had costumers come back and say, ‘When I took my painting home, my husband thought that I went out and bought it.”

The bring-your-own-bottle painting class concept is almost everywhere now, according to Ramirez who has a background in engineering, not art. After moving to Texas where she was introduced to painting by a friend, she fell in love. Upon her return to Tucson, she decided to bring painting with her; and Brush and Bottle was born eight months ago.

“People buy art. They might go to galleries or fairs to buy it. The idea that they can do it themselves is so different,” she said. “I think that art opens your mind, I really do. It broadens your mind. You get to unlock this creative part of you. That’s what art brings us.”

Located at 1785 E. Prince Rd., the art studio is conveniently situated next to a handful of restaurants and a grocery store where participants can stock up on their favorite wines, goodies and appetizers; they’ll even chill wines for their costumers.

“We allow our customers to bring in wine, beer and appetizers—anything and everything besides hard liquor,” Ramirez said.

However, the classes aren’t just 21 and over. People of all ages are welcomed to attend and bring their favorite snack and drinks as well. Brush and Bottle definitely reserves the right to ID participants who are consuming alcoholic beverages.

“The drink added a nice social element to the class also allowing you to relax and be more creative,” said a customer, Samantha Gephart. “I would definitely recommend it whether for a fun and different date night, or getting together with a friend or group.”

Four artists teach at Brush and Bottle. The classes are scheduled by painting and can be found on the calendar. Essentially, participants are essentially replicating a local artist’s original work, a work commissioned specifically for the classes. Step by step instructions allow participants to learn how to mix paint colors, create different kinds of brush strokes and create a one of a kind artwork.

Participants paint "Red Wine" at a recent Brush & Bottle class, with instruction by “JJ” (Jennifer Johnson). photo: Jade Nunes

Participants paint “Red Wine” at a recent Brush & Bottle class, with instruction by “JJ” (Jennifer Johnson).
photo: Jade Nunes

“I felt that the class was easy for someone like me who doesn’t paint or have fine artistic ability,” joked Gephart. “I think one of my favorite parts was seeing everyone’s work at the end. Although we all painted the same thing, everyone used different colors, size strokes and shapes to make them look unique and beautiful.”

Customers are provided a 16″x20″ canvas, paint, brushes, an apron and guided instructions to create their own masterpiece. Two-hour classes are $35, and three-hour classes are $40, with discounts available for private parties. The studio also provides hairdryers to ensure that customers can leave with their artwork without fear of ruining the upholstery of their vehicle with wet paint.

“The directions were simple to follow and went at a pace that everyone could keep up,” Gephart said.

Children’s paintings are available as well. Though kids are welcomed to try to recreate the adult painting taught in the class, there are some simpler designs that they can recreate if desired.

“If a family brings in a little one, we’ll actually pre-sketch it out on canvas for them,” Ramirez said. “They can paint something that they like, like animals, and can still have a fun evening with mom while mom paints the adult painting.”

And speaking of moms, Brush and Bottle will be offering a Mother’s Day special where customers who sign themselves up to paint can bring their mom to paint for free. Other examples events that are offered include non-alcoholic Family Day events, customer appreciations, birthday parties and even off-site events, or they’ll even come to you.

Brush and Bottle is located at 1785 E. Prince Rd. For more information or to schedule group events or private parties, call (520) 881-0655. To access the calendar of classes visit or visit their Facebook page.

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