From the Editor Dec. 2013

December 4, 2013 |

It is more fun to dress up dogs in holiday head gear than dealing with the malls and rampant commercialism.
photo: Jamie Manser/model: Merle

Let’s face it; holidays are a pain in the derrière.

Between the rampant materialism, stupid ads, the crowds – ugh, the crowds – and the strange expectations, the season can be a bit difficult to navigate. I don’t want to seem totally negative about it, I do love the hot cider, mulled wine, baking, roasting and decorating, and being with friends and family. That’s where it’s at! And, a reasonable amount of gift giving is lovely, but I avoid malls like the plague.

Why? Because apparently I have demophobia, but also because the malls’ soulless vibe bums me out, and the very real possibility of getting crushed or witnessing fights over stuff made in China is completely unattractive.

Instead of lots and lots of gifts, I say selectively gift. A couple of nice, locally made pieces that are more expensive than the crap at the big box, but mean so much more because heart and soul went into its production – and, you are supporting a Tucson artist. And if you can’t afford that, make a card, a cake, give a hug or a kiss, or volunteer to help out the less fortunate.

Whatever you do, be thoughtful about it, mindful that you aren’t letting the corporate prigs tell you how to live. And give yourself a break. Enjoy the events that are happening throughout the month, make family and friends a priority, say goodbye to 2013 and embrace the new year – the Year of the Horse!

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