Han Hutchison

September 6, 2012 |

REVIEW: “Heart Gone Astray”

by Jamie Manser

This album is a must have for lovers of the Tucson sound. What does that mean? Perhaps it’s the combination of Latin-influenced music, mixed with old-school country, peppered with wry observations on life, all dusted up, shimmering and dancing on the thorns of rolling tumbleweeds.

Hutchison plays guitar deftly, sings from his heart and scribes songs that clearly cull from his studies in flamenco, mariachi, classical, blues and jazz guitar styles. The mix of instrumental tunes and vocal tracks create a cinematic Western vibe. It feels far and nigh concurrently; it is easy to get lost in the storylines that Hutchison sonorously paints. The compositions are truly wonderful.

The multi-instrumentalist/singer is flanked by a fantastic cast of musicians on the 10-track album: Ben DeGain, Naim Amor, Thoger Lund, Vicki Brown, Laura Kepner-Adney, Adeena Baer, Juan Panky and Fernando Vacas. It was recorded at several local studios and mastered by Jim Blackwood.

Details at HansHutchison.com.      

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