i’ll see you at: the babies’ show

December 7, 2012 |

I’ll see you at Topaz. Duh. Do I go see shows anywhere else*? Kind of… Not really… Because (a) I don’t get out much (unless it’s to sit on Holly’s patio and drink a beer) and (b) there’s really something cool about being to support the endeavors of lovely people with whom you share real-life personal connections, and, as I’ve said before, I think what Krysta & Joel are doing is really cool—so I get out there and show some love! Oh, and bonus (c) the cover at Topaz is always pretty minimal.

ANYWAY, y’allz should all come and check out BABIES at Topaz next Tuesday, December 11th. You might’ve heard of either Woods or Vivian Girls… Well, Babies is what happened when those bands procreated. Or rather, when Kevin Morby (Woods) and Cassie Ramone (Girls) started making music together as a casual side project—a “casual side project” which is today serious enough that the Babies are in the middle of a wide-sweeping national tour. Stream the Babies’ album here to see if this is the kind of music you’d like to see in concert—I’ll bet it is. Wistful yet straightforward, with arrestingly direct lyrics, the Babies make the best kind of indie/pop/rock (y’know the kind of music I’m talking about? Guh, this is why I never talk about music).

*I saw Math the Band the other day at Solar Culture, actually. WOAH STOP THE PRESSES. Unfortunately, I suck and didn’t take any pictures.





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