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November 5, 2012 |

So y’know how some people are all “the world’s gonna end if Romney gets elected!” and some people are all “the world’s gonna end on December 21st!” and people used to be all “Obama is the Messiah and will fix everything!” and other people still are all weirdly and endearingly optimistic about December 21st like are all, “there’s gonna be some chakra shift and feminine energy will flood the world and we’ll all move together to a higher plane” (no? Okay). Are you still with me? Did you have any idea that this post would turn into a plug for my favorite Tucson venue, Topaz?

Basically, I’ve decided that if Romney wins the election, then December 21st will spell death and destruction, and I’ll be one of the first to go because (a) I’ll be drunk when the apocolypse happens and (b—special three-in-one bonus) I don’t own a gun/have any survival skills/I’m basically blind without my glasses. BUT, if Obama wins… Maybe we’ll stand a chance.*

And now the plug: no matter who wins the election, I’ll see you at The Intelligence show at Topaz on election night, because um, no, I don’t want to sit in front of coroprate TV and watch the results come in. Because that’s boring, amirite?

* Okay, seriously. Politics in America are just so incredibly and pathetically messed up that the difference between Obama and Romney is at this point mostly symbolic, with a little bit of my reproductive rights thrown in. As I’ve said before, though, let’s get a beer and talk about politics in the USofA if you wanna hear my point of view, because in the public sphere I like to keep my opinions depoliticized to at least some degree. Oh, you want me to talk about Israel-Palestine? NO.

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