in pictures: world margarita championship

October 29, 2012 |

Electoral systems in this country are just messed up, straight up. I mean, everyone knows that the electoral college is a silly relic that should be discarded, and, c’mon, can we not all agree that it is ridiculous that you can only vote for ONE margarita for the World Margarita Championship’s “People’s Choice” Award? Unable to choose between several top contenders (if you’re wondering: Agustín Brasserie, Acacia Real Foods & Cocktails, Kingfisher/Bluefin, and Marina Terra Resort & Spa), I did what any lazy/indecisive gal would do—I didn’t vote. (I promise I’ll be voting the Presidential election. But… If you wanna get a beer and hear me bitch about that election, let’s do it. I won’t bore you with my ranting for now, though. This is a post about margaritas, for God’s sake!)

So when the going gets tough, the tough get blogging.* Sure, I didn’t vote, but I took a few pictures that I’ll take this opportunity to subject you to. Take a gander, and I’ll ttylz.

Cushing Street Bar? Maybe, maybe not.

Along with bomb margaritas, Marina Terra Resort & Spa had this badass lady servin’ them up.

This is jambalaya or some shit from Bluefin Seafood Bistro. It was so super delicious that I died. (P.S. Mostly I just ate at the Margarita Championships. To be honest, a lot of the margaritas weren’t even that good. But the food was dank.)

More pretty & colorful margaritas.

More importantly: PUPUSAS.

And then I accosted a random woman and was all “Um sorry hi can I take a picture of you holding that taco?” Good times. Acacia Real Foods & Cocktails: good-ass tacos. The margaritas were tasty, too.

* Sorry; that was a stretch.








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