it’s a thing: skorts, pt. 1

October 29, 2012 |

You might remember skorts. You might not. Honestly, I don’t really care either way. All you need to know is: business in the front, party in the back (one of my friends made that mullet analogy… Jessie? It was a good one; I liked it).

So, skorts. They might not be coming back, but since hipsters are nuts I wouldn’t be surprised if they do. Honestly, I don’t really care either way. I bought two of them the other day. Holly found this vintage Levi’s skort (below) when we were thrifting at Value Village, and since she’s the best friend in the entire whole wide world she forced me to try it on. And now I own it (four bucks!).

FYI: the top is from Desert Vintage. Gonna interview Salima & Roberto of Desert Vintage sometime soon, because they are beautiful people and their shop is amazing! The shoes are Hasbeens. Expensive as (name-your-expletive), but ultimately a fantastic investment.

Business (kind of) in the front:

(Photo credit: Kyle Wasson)

Party in the back. (Maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe the beauty of skorts is that you can’t tell…):

(Photo credit: Kyle Wasson)

(Yup, I dressed like a garden today. Also, I bought Chakra/color therapy glasses, and my day has been awesome.)

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