Out Of This World

September 14, 2012 |

Seen from the outside, a superhero’s headquarters only hints at the universe-protecting hardware held within. Superman’s Fortress of Solitude and Batman’s Batcave were elegant in design, built into their environments and hiding secrets only their respective crime-fighting architects could unlock.

The storefront exterior of R-Galaxy at 2420 N. Campbell Ave. similarly camouflages a trove of extraordinary wares stored inside. This comics and collectibles mecca is home to all things cosmic, a spot where imagination comes to life. From Golden Age back issues to manga and the latest graphic novels, this is a store full of stories with a yarn for seemingly everyone.

Familiar characters abound, with Marvel and DC favorites appearing alongside Austin Powers and Lord of The Rings figurines. The Simpsons are well-represented, as are The X-Men. “Batman: Arkham City” and “KISS: Psycho Circus” action figures grace a wall, while across the room boxes of “Magic: The Gathering” trading cards, rows of CDs and the requisite Star Wars memorabilia are found. A “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” micro-battle playset and hardcover copies of “The Sweeter Side of R. Crumb” and “Bat Boy: The Weekly World News Comic Strips” are featured alongside countless keychains and character caps, posters and puzzles.

Most impressive is R-Galaxy’s immense assortment of Japanese animation titles for rental. Aficionados and dabblers alike will discover a selection of films and series, from humorous to romantic to action-packed, wide enough to satisfy their anime yen. The self-professed anime-loving staff welcome special orders for anime DVDs, when available domestically, with a simple cash deposit. For title availability, call (520) 322-0422.

In a nod to tradition, R-Galaxy offers free subscription service for your favorite comics. Having served Tucsonans in three locations since 1993, they take this so-called funny pages business seriously. It’s as easy as stopping in monthly to pick up your books; in the words of the great Stan Lee, “‘nuff said.”

Soar into R-Galaxy Tuesday-Friday from 11am to 8pm and Saturday-Monday 11am to 6pm, or visit R-Galaxy.com

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