Posh Petals: Arranged to Flourish

December 14, 2012 |

For Katie Treat, owner of Posh Petals, setting up her new shop in the historic Tophy Building has brought her into the fold of 4th Avenue. Posh Petals specializes in custom flowers for events, so the retail space is a bit of a blank canvas. It’s a comfortable shop that she’s filled with funky antiques, artful glass vases, flower boxes, pots, and votives.

“Katie collects the best antiques,” says Christina Fey, her assistant, and Katie quips back, “this is everything I can’t fit in my house!” But the collection creates an organic sense of style that nestles nicely into 4th Avenue; with everything pretty and everything for sale. There’s a stage and plentiful room on the walls, so Katie envisions a space for the whole community. “I love being a part of what’s going on down here so much that if somebody wanted to do an open mic night, or somebody wanted to put their art on the walls, I’d be totally open to that,” she says. And with a joking tone, she adds, “I mean, we’re just sitting here.”

The duo is relaxing after the whirlwind of wedding season, which often includes five weddings in a single weekend or even a single day. “Katie really cares about the brides or whomever it is we’re working with,” Christina says. “If for some reason something is missing, or the bride needs an extra boutonniere or anything else, Katie will come back, create it, and take it; because she wants their day to be perfect.” Katie responds simply, “It’s their wedding day. That’s important stuff. That’s stuff that is never going to go away, and part of it is that I’m not going to be that person that they’re mad at 20 years later,” she adds, laughing.

“It’s a dying business to do the job right. I think that a lot of people on 4th Avenue share that idea and it’s part of the camaraderie. People are down here doing what they’re good at; they care about what they do. And I don’t think there are a lot of places like that. It’s great to be part of like-minded people who try really hard.  It really makes this a fun place to be.”

 Posh Petals is located at 224 N. 4th Ave.  408-0101.  Visit PetalsPetalsPetals.com for more information. 

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