“Sunrise for Everyone”

July 18, 2014 |

La Cerca Promises & Delivers

Sunrise for Everyone FI

Andrew Gardner is a driven musician. He has placed his songwriting and performing ambitions in the vessel of La Cerca, his musical project of choice, for over a dozen years.

Now, at long last, many pieces of rock orchestration and musical prestidigitation which have heretofore only been available to those that catch a live La Cerca show can be enjoyed away from a venue with the upcoming release of Sunrise for Everyone.

This nine-cut full length album of newly recorded songs, recorded and mixed at Waterworks Studio, is a hat full of weather, storm clouds, and shimmering light and dark. Gardner’s lyrics are a real treat. You are not quite sure what words you just heard, but you like them just the same. The guitar work, principally by Gardner but ably augmented with work by Bill Oberdick, Malcolm Cooper and Kevin Dowling, is sterling.

There are pop cuts, like the breezy “Arizon,” and the title cut “Sunrise for Everyone,” and songs heavy with hooks and killer choruses, like “Sorry XO” and “Climate Control,” where Gardner channels summer in Southern Arizona, as he sings “here are the days of impossible shade, the sun shines so deep. The warmth infiltrates your dreamtime escape, can’t runaway so sweet, you will come alive, the sun will shine, accordingly.”

Gardner is prolific enough musically that he admits that many of the songs on the album were out of rotation in the typical La Cerca set he and his bandmates had been playing, and “now we are getting into playing them again.”

The current line up has Andrew Gardner on vox and lead guitar, Bill Oberdick on rhythm guitar, Roger Reed on drums and Boyd Peterson on bass. Eight different musicians and seven different backing vocalists contribute, but “Sunrise for Everyone” is Gardner’s baby.

“Sunrise for Everyone” is set to release on Fort Lowell Records on July 29. The local release party will happen at Tucson’s own Club Congress on Friday, August 15, and La Cerca will journey to our large and hot neighbor on August 25 to play a show at Phoenix’s Crescent Ballroom. The band has gigs currently booked for late July in California, and, hopefully, further up the coast, before returning home for the Congress and Crescent shows.

Catch La Cerca at Club Congress on Friday, August 15 at 9 p.m. Opening the show are: Numb Bats, Burning Palms and Electric Blankets. For more info go to HotelCongress.com, or visit FortLowell.blogspot.com.