Tip Your Hat

November 12, 2012 |

by Sydney Ballesteros + Claudine Villardito

Among fall’s many pleasures is the opportunity to indulge my appetite for accessories.  Living in the desert, I am starved for weather that gives me an excuse to pull out—or acquire more of—the scarves, gloves and boots that punctuate autumn looks. The accessories I get most excited about, however, are hats. Time was, a woman wouldn’t be seen walking to her mailbox without her head covered.  And why not?  Hats draw attention upward, they frame the face, instantly glamorize, and pull whole wardrobes together.  What’s more, hats—especially vintage ones—are wearable sculptures; fine millinery takes such skill that to wear a beautiful hat is to be a work of art oneself. This month’s editorial celebrates the power wielded by beautiful accessories, with special focus on the artistry of the hat.  And who better to illustrate it than one of history’s most notorious milliners: Elsa Schiaparelli. The black and white number is one of her divine creations.

P.S.–A black turtleneck goes with everything!


Creative Director + Stylist: Sydney Ballesteros, SydneyBallesteros.com

Photographer: Stacia Lugo, StaciaLugo.com

Makeup: Tangie Duffey

Hair: Raul Mendoza

Model: Katie Reed

Wardrobe: Black Cat Vintage, BlackcatVintage.com